designer • oliver ejlersen


Bikuben is a pendel that contributes to an experimental and creative approach to interior design for youngsters, inspired by the great Verner Panton’s design philosophy and dna. At the same time, the lamp is based on flexible life style and allows the user the opportunity of being the decision maker for the final expression.

Bikuben consists of a spherical and matte glass bulb surrounded by a flexible and detachable acrylic shape as a foreclosure. Acrylic shape transparency and wave structure contribute to a unique color scheme and light drop, which can be observed differently from all angles. Likewise, the solution allows the user to adjust the direction of light as required by rotating it around the glass bulb. The shape allows the light from the bulb to move directly through two openings of different sizes having both a focused spot and an upward area lighting. Because of it’s flexibility it is possible to replace the acrylic shape with other possible colours determent by the user’s own imagination and creativity. Bikuben appears both beautiful and elegant individually, but works equally well in suspended groups and larger installations.