designers • mette caspersen
& anne møller jensen
project type • bachelor project


Canvas is a high table, designed for schools, with eight stools which allows for up to eight students at a time. It is, as the name implies, a blank space where students can showcase their ideas and working process – in both hangings and drawings. All surface areas function as whiteboards, allowing for creative idea development with only the limits of ones own imagination. Canvas allows for both standing and sitting and facilitates both generation and exploration of ideas and creative thoughts. Canvas allows sitting and standing work and, if you need a break from the other students, you can sit under the table and draw your own thoughts or share these with a good friend. Our research shows that schoolchildren benefit from being able to vary their posture and position. The table is heavy and can withstand the students sitting on the tabletop or hanging from the board. The stools can be hung under the table and in such a way that standing work is not hampered by them.