designer • mette caspersen
photo by • magnus godske


Haló table lamp is designed to disperse the light differently, depending on the angle of the lampshade, thereby inviting the user to interact with the lamp. It functions great for reading, working or simply as moodlightning at twilight. The pierced metal top allows Haló to display a halo-esque light pattern on walls, ceilings and other surfaces, making the light not only a functional element, but more of an experience and a feeling. Haló is Icelandic and means ”Halo”; a name designed to guide the mind towards thoughts of the unique lightning Iceland is known for.

The construction consists of powder-coated metal; one shaped steel pipe and a pierced, bent steel plate. The lampshade is mounted on the base using bolts and rubber membranes, which allow it to move effortlessly between positions, depending on the users mood or need. A small frosted glass plate shields and dims the spotlight in the base, making is more comfortable to behold. Haló’s design and minimalistic expression fits in seamlessly with most decour, which only increases Haló’s commercial value.