missing link

designer • monewment
photo by • morten fog


Missing Link bench is an innovative attempt at redesigning the classic bench. It allows the user to move themselves and their counterpart in order to further the deep conversation. By utilizing rotating seats, both parties are able to control the conversation both verbally and physically by either inviting or avoiding eye contact. Missing Link is a classic example of ”form follows function” since all form giving design choices were made to maximize the user experience. The almost anonymous steel frame lifts the oak and draws attention to its function while the grated surface invites touch and peaks curiosity.

We question everything! We want to make the world our playground and fill it with innovative furniture. This is our philosophy and the reason we get out of bed in the morning. We’re inspired by how people interact – not only with new and unexpected functions in furniture, but also with each other. We want to challenge their perception of what furniture is supposed to do. Inspired by eye contact, we enlist the help of mechanical functions to allow for a deeper conversation and a better understanding of what it is to be human.