designer • oliver ejlersen


Semply is a stool that questions the way to assemble basic seating. It occurs from the attempt and study of sustainable solutions searching to minimize the ressources and elements needed. Without the use of any screws, glue or other fittings, Semply claims it’s eligibility on the market for the benefit of both the manufacture, the consumers and, not at least, our care for the environment. Using the functions and strengths of each material, Semply stands strong and firmly in a synergy of tension based on the simple construction.

The stool consists of three different materials, including steel pipes, paper yarns and solid wood. The stool is available in several different types of wood, depending on the consumer. Semply appears as a sustainable alternative to the universal stool, where various tools are needed to separate the furniture. Likewise, the sorting-friendly construction contributes to a longer life, as the individual parts can be replaced without major hassles.