designer • monewment
photo by • karup design

2018 // 2019

UMU Daybed embraces the term ”small living” and meets current trends and demands for multifunctional design solutions. UMU is an expandable guestroom that allows overnight guests the comforts of their own personal space in unfamiliar surroundings. The frame is crafted from high quality pine fastened together with wooden dowels and furniture fittings, ensuring a strong and discrete linking of the different pieces. The mattress design is centered round a special folding technique, which ensures a high level of multi functionality. It functions as a daybed, a sofa and a bed depending on how it’s arranged. Overnight guests also have the option of converting the two legs into nightstands, while unfolding the mattress on the floor – making it into a bed – and turning the pine planks into a standing wardrobe with hooks for hanging clothes and bags. UMU’s graphical design and clean lines fit into any decor and allow the user an extra room in even the most compact of living quarters – a small piece of furniture with great possibilities!